Office Internet


When we talk about Office Internet, what is the ideal connection you are looking for?

Your internet connection is your business’ lifeline. If your bandwidth can’t keep up with your organization’s needs, efficiency will suffer.

DEDICATED Internet is what we need for business connectivity, these bandwidth speeds are consistent in both directions, and the network is available 24 hours a day with no slow-down during peak times.

Let's have a look at your solutions to fit your Kenyan office internet needs.


So what are the benefits of Business Class Fiber connection that will ensure your organization can lead the pack and gain a competitive edge.

Dedicated Bandwidth

  • Business fiber bandwidth is dedicated.
  • Dedicated means your connection goes directly and only to your office location. You don’t share with neighbouring businesses.
  • The result is faster speeds, less latency, and packet-loss.

Static IPs

  • Business internet service offers static IPs.
  • Static IPs are needed for hosting your own infrastructure like file and mail servers.
  • Static IPs are more reliable and secure.


  • Business fiber is symmetrical.
  • Symmetrical means you can upload as fast as you download.
  • Symmetrical connections are crucial for businesses that backup data to offsite centres and utilize cloud services.


  • An SLA guarantees your business receives the service and speed as promised by the provider.
  • If your connection degrades, the SLA gives the customer an opportunity to negotiate the terms and pricing of their service agreement.

MyISP has the largest number of fiber ready buildings in Kenya

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Is your premises not covered by the fiber network?

MyISP offers wireless secure dedicated internet

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Need to connect your branch or office?
Running applications from your headquaters which need to be accessed from other locations?

Need a private secure intranet?

MyISP offers services that connect all your offices, branches and teams on a secure dedicated private network.