Kaspersky are one of the world’s fastest-growing cybersecurity companies and the largest one that is privately-owned. With a holding registered in the United Kingdom, they operate in 200 countries and territories and have 37 offices in 32 countries. Almost 3,300 highly-qualified specialists work for Kaspersky Lab.
Kaspersky’s independence allows them to be more agile; to think differently and act faster. They are forever innovating, delivering protection that’s effective, usable and accessible. They pride ourselves on developing world-leading security that keeps them – and every one of our 400 million users protected by Kaspersky technologies and 270,000 corporate clients – one step ahead of potential threats.
As MyISP, Kaspersky partners we uphold the values, and are aware of the threats on the internet. We offer genuine products to ensure a safer, more comfortable internet experience.

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